Hemp is not just a simple plant that grows in tropical climates. It has played an important role in the history of mankind. In fact, it has been already existing dates back from 10,000 years ago. When it comes to oldest industries that are still existing today, hemp is a great example. Hemp industry is one of the oldest industries of the planet. No doubt, it is one of a kind plant that has helped people in many ways, and  is still doing the same greatness that it had done before.

As supporting evidence to the claims, the Columbia History of the World mentioned that a hemp fabric was the oldest relic way back from 8,000 BC. Before, it was said that hemp was a plant that helped early civilizations to build clothes or fabric. Although it is still one of the main uses of hemp, the medicinal aspect is the much focus on society. Additionally, presidents from two particular states, President Jefferson and Washington grew hemp themselves. It was followed by the approval of growing hemp in the United States during the Early Republic and Colonial Era.

The downfall of the hemp industry began in 1937 when the Congress approved the Marihuana Tax Act. It is a tax that made it difficult for American Farmers to cultivate hemp within the nation. Also, Harry Anslinger, the one who promoted the Tax Act, started to convince other countries with his anti-marijuana legislation. After this year, World War II happened and that’s the time when Japanese colonizers began to attack the Pearl Harbor with the purpose of shutting off the “Manila Hemp” from the Philippines.

As a contrast, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) released a film titled “Hemp for Victory” to encourage and give hope to the American farmers to continue cultivation of hemp. The downfall continues until 1970 when the Controlled Substance Act (CSA) stated that hemp was no different with marijuana. However, a recent trial concerning federal court re-organized and established the definition of marijuana and made it clear that there were several varieties of Cannabis plant. This trial supports the exemption of fiber, non-viable, and many other products made from hemp. From this day forward, the industry of hemp has gained its golden days once again, and many people have began to grow the plant.

All the speculations of the public regarding the possibilities of intoxication due to hemp were cut out because of the thousands of studies about the plant. One of these studies includes how hemp could help people with different kinds of diseases, and the other things that people could get from it. Along with studies, the industry of hemp in many countries began to grow, and many farmers are given a chance to cultivate the plant once again after years of prohibition. As of the moment, there are hundreds of products available touching every aspect of humankind. In fact, there are varieties of products with hemp content such as skin care products, beauty essentials, oils, edibles, and many more.

No doubt that these hemp-based products contribute billions of sales within the countries where it is legal. However, the chemical compounds of hemp are still in trouble. Therefore, many countries are still against this plant. For instance, most of the Middle East countries do not allow any species of cannabis to enter their country. It is because the proofs are still not enough to stand as evidence for the health benefits of hemp.

Despite hundreds of controversies, the hemp products undoubtedly one of the top sales within the entire United States. Thus, if you’re here to know every side of the hemp industry, unhesitantly turn to the next page that will answer your questions.