The growing economy of both cannabis and hemp are surprisingly booming soon after the legalization of these in many countries. With that, many people are interested in knowing how to start up, what are the requirements and all! That’s why BUSINESSHEMP.com is here.

BUSINESSHEMP.com is a non-profit site that is on a bold mission to help, inform, provide, support, and raise awareness to the public.

  • To help people in decision-making regarding starting a hemp business in their country.
  • To inform them when it comes to the do’s and don’ts that they should be aware of when starting a hemp business.
  • To provide informative and truthful data regarding legal issues, benefits, and risks for opening a business and for the potential consumers of hemp.
  • To support not just the people who want to build a business involving hemp, but also people who are seeking help with hemp and cannabis.
  • To raise awareness on the society that hemp and cannabis are not just about the psychoactive effects, but it also has hundreds of health benefits.

Aside from mission and goals, BUSINESSHEMP.com also set a clear vision of the peaceful economy and well-informed public. Here, researchers are giving importance not just to the business proper, but also to the health of the crowd. Even though cannabis and hemp are facing controversies nowadays, there are still positive benefits that people could get in these two species.

BUSINESSHEMP.com is not a platform to promote, advertise, or encourage anyone to use or start any illegal business involving cannabis and hemp. To make it clear, cannabis and hemp are two plants with a controversial reputation due to intoxicating and addictive substances that it may offer to people. That’s why only medicinal uses of it are accepted in most countries and not the recreational methods.

In this site, you’ll see how the cannabis and hemp industry gained their spotlight once again after decades of prohibition in many countries. Right now, you are already involved in helping and educating people. How? By simply sharing them your knowledge from BUSINESSHEMP.com and by sharing your thoughts in our healthy discussion here.