Some of the Hemp Products That Are Available Today

Plants are human’s source of food and living. Some people grow different crops at their home for personal uses, while others grow it on a farm and sell it on public markets. Although selling crops could help you in earning money, not all can gain as much income as what hemp can give you. In some states in America, hemp is considered a “Billion-Dollar” crop which recently contributes billions of sales in just a year. This economic growth is clear evidence of how people patronize hemp as a helpful plant.

In 1938, a published article claimed that hemp has thousands of uses which paved the way to the invention of different hemp-based products today. However, hemp is also known as a cannabis species aside from being a billion-dollar crop. As a member of the cannabis family, hemp also experienced a downfall back in the early 1930s. It was the year in the U.S. that all forms of cannabis products were widely banned from the market. This prohibition bill has no exceptions which mean every species of cannabis are illegal under federal law. It became the complete end of the hemp industry before, and for the next eighty years, the plant has been misunderstood by the people.

However, some states of the U.S. voted unanimously to the legalization of hemp as a medicinal substance. In fact, there is a law today that allows medicinal uses of hemp in any form. For instance, every hemp-based products should only have not more than 0.3% of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and should be a CBD (cannabidiol) dominant. If not, then that’s another topic to deal with. At present, the growing industry of hemp paved the way for manufacturers to come up with a variety of products that are available in most medicinal dispensaries today. For a much clearer explanation of these products and their uses, a list is provided on the following topic.

Hemp Products Available Today

Because of the growing numbers of people who are interested in using hemp-based products for their health, different companies found a chance to take advantage of society’s needs and wants. As a fact, a wide range of products from foods and beverages, clothing, skin essentials, health, pets, gadgets and many more are now available with hemp content. Here’s an extensive list of hemp uses and products that may be helpful for you and your whole family.

For Health

Hemp is used as medicine for about thousands of years ago. From people who lived in China under the regime of Emperor Nung, hemp is an herb that helps people when it comes to managing their constipation, inflammation, gout and other related pains. For this reason, health companies made various products to help people. These products are (1) Hemp extract, (2) massage oil, (3) muscle rub, (4) aromatherapy candles, (5) essential oils, and (6) hemp-based vape juices.

For Food and Beverages

Recently, experts found that hemp is a great source of protein which can be found from its roots, stem, leaves, flowers, and seeds. At present, there are already food and beverages with hemp content to help people without giving uncomfortable feelings. These products are (1) caffeine, (2) tea, (3) hemp seed, (4) milk, (5) flour, (6) butter, (7) beer, (8) energy bars, and (9) protein powder.

For Pets

The health benefits of hemp are not limited to people, but also for your pets. Manufacturers, along with their experts have invented different forms of products that could help your pets whenever they have an illness. Some of these products are (1) tinctures, (2) toys, (3) bedding, and (4) leash and collar. Although it may sound funny, but it is true that these mentioned products can help you in managing your pets inside and outside of your home.

For Skin

Maybe you are now asking if what’s the difference between hemp skin products and the conventional items today. Firstly, hemp-based skin care products have oils rich in Omega 3 to 6 fatty acids which are great for firming and smoothing your skin. It also helps in moisturizing the skin to prevent dryness and the occurrence of skin diseases. Hemp-based products available today are (1) body wash, (2) sunscreen, (3) creams & cleanser, (4) balms, (5) lotion, and (6) shampoo and conditioner.

For Automobiles & Engines

It might be the first time you heard about the hemp-based automobile, but it is true and real. In fact, in 1941, the first-ever car was invented out of hemp, from its plastic down to the fuels. Hemp-based plastic is said to be stronger than the usual steel today. These products are (1) biofuel, (2) sports car, and (3)thermoset molding. Regarding sports car, in Florida, an entrepreneur built out of hemp, and biofuels from hemp are also said to produce power to a run a car and are equivalent to thousands of gasoline worth a million.

For Industrial Materials

Hemp was initially used for making industrial material dates back from World War II. It is the origin of all the products today because before, the discovery of hemp is generally exclusive for making (1) ropes, (2) flags, (3) insulator, (4) cement, (5) batteries, and (6) oil spill cleaner.

For Home

Aside from being material in doing ropes, hemp is also known as an excellent material for making (1) textiles, (2) fibers, and (3) papers. However, the innovative perception of man has made it possible for hemp to be used as a material for building (4) chairs, (5) pens, (6) detergent, and (7) tablecloths.

These are only a few out of the hundreds of materials today made from hemp. Clearly, hemp is not about health benefits, but also other things. These things are what modern society enjoys today. After all, the prohibition of hemp before was a struggle that later turned into a milestone for people to explore more possible uses of hemp. The innovative mindset of people is making it possible not just for hemp, but also for other crops to be flexible by making impossible things turn into great possibilities.

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