This Is How Hemp Different From Marijuana

The misconception between marijuana and hemp may lead people to be confused. Oftentimes, marijuana has been referred to as hemp and hemp has been referred to as marijuana. Because terms are used interchangeably, people may think that marijuana and hemp are the same things. However, this moment, it is time for you to know if the two terms are the same or not. When you hear the term cannabis, you may add this to your notes to know if this word has a relationship between marijuana and hemp. Cannabis has two primary species: hemp and marijuana. This information had become unclear many years ago. That is why instead of using hemp for a certain topic, some have used marijuana and vice versa.

Since you have already known that hemp and marijuana are species of cannabis, they are not the same thing. It says that it has significant distinctions. The difference between the two is to be discussed here. Keep reading to discover new things about the topic that you still have never encountered.

Chemical Composition

The identified difference between the two may be determined through their chemical composition. Marijuana is said to have a high level of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This chemical compound is responsible for the psychological or psychoactive effects. Marijuana’s THC content may vary according to its kind. In fact, the THC content of an average batch of marijuana may be from 5-20%. However, premium marijuana contains THC up to 25-50%. In contrast, hemp only contains a maximum THC level of 0.3%. As you can see, THC’s maximum level found in hemp is impossible and not enough to make you feel intoxicated. While hemp is rich in cannabidiol (CBD), marijuana is rich in THC. Even though both are different, each of them is good for a specific purpose.

Legal Status

Hemp and marijuana are both prohibited by the federal law. Since hemp is grouped to cannabis, it has been included on the prohibition. However, other states in the United States have passed their own laws on marijuana. These laws comprise the indication of which components of the drug is allowed and prohibited. Although some states have permitted the use of CBD oil, federally, it is illegal. There are also states which fully legalized marijuana. It says that even the recreational use of the substance is allowed. Legally speaking, most of the states in the United States have legalized hemp while only a few states have legalized marijuana fully. The statement is clear; several states have prioritized the medical needs of their citizens by providing safe medical products.

Significant Usages

The therapeutic effects of cannabis have been proven on the clinical trials. That is why the medical use of this drug is considered by many of the states. Hemp has been widely used as medical treatment for a variety of condition. One of the hemp products is CBD oil. CBD can relieve many symptoms caused by medical conditions, nausea, and vomiting. CBD can also be used to improve the quality of your sleep. The mentioned things are only a few of hemp’s medical use. At some points, marijuana has can also be used medically. That is why there is medical marijuana to be called. It is said that patients who have undergone chemotherapy as a treatment for cancer may have appetite problems. In this case, medical marijuana helps, THC may help for improving appetite problems.

Hemp may be basically used for industrial purposes. In fact, it can produce hundreds of essential resources, like building materials, oils, paper, biofuel, clothing and a lot more. That being said, hemp has become more popular around the world due to its uses. As the research continues, hemp can now produce a THC -free CBD products in a wide variety. Marijuana, on the other hand, is well-known for its psychoactive properties. This drug can be used both in medical and recreational purposes. Marijuana can also be used in many ways; it can be inhaled, directly injected into the body, and smoke. However, this substance should be used moderation. Marijuana products that have been extracted may be in the form of edibles, capsules and a lot more.

Estimated Domestic Market Value

The domestic value of the cannabis species may be depending on the uses and demands. It may not be new for a country to legalize medical cannabis. Hemp, as a primary option for medical use, is already known. Since this substance has been used medically, products are not expensively sold. Right now the estimated domestic value of hemp is 452 million dollars.  Marijuana, on the other hand, has catered a high demand. This is due to the psychoactive effects it may bring on the users. Based on the survey, people’s reason for consuming marijuana is for recreational purposes. It has been reported that the domestic market value of marijuana is from 10 billion to 120 billion dollars.

Hemp vs. Marijuana: Prices

As mentioned earlier is industrially used. The price of the hemp products depends on the supply and demand. When there is a shortage in supply, the price of the products go up, and when the supply is more than enough, the price may not be as high as price during the shortage. However, considering that hemp is limited, hemp clothing is more expensive than clothes made up of cotton. In the medical aspect, hemp products are not expensive. As an aside, medical dispensaries offer hemp products at a reasonable price. As for marijuana product price, again, it depends to its purpose, if you have it for medical use, it may not be that expensive, but if you have it for recreational use, the price may be expensive. That is because the tax of recreational marijuana is higher than medical marijuana.

Given these points, confusing things about marijuana and hemp have already become clear. The two species have their own functions, specifically in the industry. As a user, it is so important that you know what cannabis species do you really need. Knowing the difference between hemp and marijuana would lead you to a better purchasing. If you have any queries, you may ask questions to the staff of dispensaries near you.

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